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Governance Framework

The biggest challenges for churches often result as a result of poor governance.  Whether it be paralysing conflict, ineffective accountability, lack of vision or mission or just the inability to make Godly and strategic decisions.  When you boil it down, these are all matters of governance.

The QB Governance Framework Project seeks to provide QB churches (regardless of size or governance model) with best practice policies and resources to enable them to govern well.

Good governance is not something that just happens, but needs concerted focus and attention. Good governance is essential for the healthy functioning of our churches, for the protection of those within our churches (including leadership), for the honouring of Christ’s name through appropriate action and behaviour and for ensuring we fulfill our legal obligations. By providing these resources, we hope to help church leadership teams to implement the principles and practices of good governance in a way that is achievable and sustainable for them in their local contexts.

Who are these resources intended for?

These resources are being designed primarily for a church’s peak leadership group that is responsible for governance matters. The chairperson of this group and the Senior Pastoral leader of the church will be the two key individuals in introducing this material to this peak governance group.

Elements of the Framework.

The framework being developed will consist of two main parts.

Part 1 – Introduction to the Framework

QB Governance Framework - Part 1 PDF Download

This document has been written as an introductory document for someone who may be new to church governance in a Baptist context.   It seeks to introduce some of the principles of governance from a Biblical, Baptistic and modern legal (societal) perspective.  It examines different concepts around leadership roles, responsibilities, authorities and accountabilities as well as how this all relates to typical governance structures found in Baptist churches and different size congregations.  This introduction is not written as the final guide to all things governance, but seeks to raise key topics that should be given consideration in any governance conversation and references many excellent resources that can be sourced for further information.

The introduction also presents the framework that is being recommended for QB churches – a framework that seeks to help our churches achieve 3 goals

The minimum requirements for achieving each of these goals are laid out in this introduction.

Part 2 – Tools and Resources

QB Governance Framework - Part 2 PDF Download

The second part of this framework is a compendium of resources that will be made available to churches to help them realise the above goals. These policies are grouped in the three key areas:


The goal will be to provide 3 types of key resources.

A. Policy / Procedure Templates – The first resource will be set of simple policy and procedure templates that can be customised to local needs and adopted for your own use. In writing these policies, we aim to

    • Present best practices
    • Keep them as simple (and short) as possible
    • Identify the minimum requirements for day-to-day governance, while recognising that policies are most important when things go awry.

We recognise that the needs of different churches will vary and so these policies have been kept as generic as possible.  Local leadership teams are encouraged to add and adapt them as needed to suit your local requirements.


B. Basic Primers – The second resource will be a set of basic primers that contain more information on the specific topics and links to other resources. These primers be consulted to either gain a better understanding of topics or educate those who have a limited understanding of specific topics and will be helpful for ongoing education of leadership teams to consider more broadly their responsibilities and how their church can better implement good governance.

These primers will also contain some of the background purpose statements, values, commitments and definitions that undergird the policy template.  These have been placed in the Primers rather than the policy templates to enable the policies to remain accessible and readable to those that use them.


C. Training Resources – The best Governance Groups have ongoing training related to their role and responsibilities. To assist QB leadership teams in this, there will be a series of training resources developed that can be used in leadership meetings over the course of a number of years to educate and refresh knowledge about key topics. The ultimate plan will be to offer these resources to churches in the form of short videos as well as one page training summaries (with discussion questions and key application summaries).  An overall training plan will be developed that churches can adopt to ensure that their Governance Groups are receiving the ongoing training that will best equip them for the task.   All the training videos and supporting resources are available …


Training Resources


In addition to this, if there is demand, we will also be planning on facilitating workshops for governance groups to help them understand their responsibilities and to assist in prioritising the implementation of these resources.


Our prayer is that as you pick up these resources and implement them, you will put in place the structures and systems that will provide the back bones of your church’s ministry.   We look forward to continuing to support you and your church leadership teams into the future for God’s glory and His kingdom’s benefit.

Introduction to QB Governance Framework PDF Download
QB Governance Framework - Part 1 PDF Download
QB Governance Framework - Part 2 PDF Download