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Christ Centred Community Resources

The key Governance Group (whether they are called the Eldership, Board, Council or simply leadership team) are responsible for 3 key things. They are responsible for ensuring their church is

  1. A Christ-Centred Community,
  2. A Healthy and Well-Led Community, and
  3. A Safe and Legal Community

When considering a whether a church has a Christ-Centred Community, the governance group will consider such questions as

  • Are we relating and leading the way Jesus would?
  • Is our church culture honouring God?
  • Is our church growing in spiritual maturity?
  • Are we obedient to the Spirit’s lead?

In seeking to achieve these things, it is helpful for the Governance Group to develop policies and practices around such things as

  • Managing high-level pastoral issues
  • Bringing clarity to significant theological and social issues
  • Managing Conflict and working towards relational unity.
  • Managing Change
  • Spiritual oversight


Resources Available

CCC01 - Primer - Guidelines for developing Mission, Vision and Values Statements PDF Download
CC001 - Policy - Guidelines for developing Mission, Vision and Values Statements (Coming Soon) URL View
CCC02 - Policy - Process for providing position statements on significant theological issues DOCX Download
CCC03 - Primer - Conflict & Grievance Management procedure PDF Download
CCC03 - Policy - Conflict & Grievance Management procedure DOCX Download