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Safe and Legal Community Resources

The key Governance Group (whether they are called the Eldership, Board, Council or simply leadership team) are responsible for 3 key things. They are responsible for ensuring their church is

  1. A Christ-Centred Community,
  2. A Healthy and Well-Led Community, and
  3. A Safe and Legal Community

When considering a whether a church has a Safe and Legal Community, the governance group will consider such questions as

  • Are our church activities safe for everyone involved?
  • Are we meeting our legal obligations including duty of care?

In seeking to achieve these things, it is helpful for the Governance Group to develop policies and practices around such things as

  • Ensuring people are kept Safe
  • Ensuring places are Safe
  • Human Resources and Industrial relations matters (staffing)
  • External reporting and accountability
  • Church Constitution
  • Privacy and confidentiality


Resources Available

SLC01 - Policy - Church Constitution DOCX Download
SLC01 - Primer - Church Constitution - Primer (coming soon) URL View
SLC01 - Other - QB local church Constitution Template (coming soon) URL View
SLC01 - Other - QB Local Church Constitution Audit Checklist (coming soon) URL View
SLC02 - Policy - ACNC requirements DOCX Download
SLC02 - Primer - ACNC requirements - Primer PDF Download
SLC03 - Policy - Workplace Health and Safety DOCX Download
SLC03 - Other - Contact QB for Individualised WHS Template URL View
SLC04 - Policy - Privacy Policy DOCX Download
SLC04 - Primer - Privacy Policy PDF Download
SLC05 - Policy - Remuneration and Employment Policy DOCX Download
SLC05 - Other - QB Remuneration Guidelines PDF Download
SLC06 - Policy - Staff Grievance Policy - Template DOCX Download
SLC07 - Policy - Whistleblowers Policy (coming soon) URL View
SLC07 - Primer - Whistleblowers Policy PDF Download
SLC08 - Policy - Code of Conduct for QB Ministers DOCX Download
SLC08 - Other - QB Pastors Code of Ethics & Ministry Practice PDF Download
SLC09 - Policy - Code of Conduct for Governance Group Members DOCX Download
SLC09 - Policy - Leadership Code of Conduct DOCX Download
SLC10 - Policy - Cyber Security & Online Code of Conduct - Template (coming soon) URL View
SLC11 - Policy - Person of Concern Policy DOCX Download
SLC12 - Policy - Record Keeping Policy for Churches DOCX Download
SLC13 - Policy - National Principles for Child Safe Organisations (Coming Soon) URL View
SLC20 - Policy - Safe Spaces Policy - Template (Coming Soon) URL View
SLC21-SLC28 - Policy - Safe Spaces Implementation Guide (coming soon) URL View