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Pastoral Registration Application Process

The following documents can be downloaded to assist in the pastoral registration application process:

Ministry Enquirer Brochure PDF Download
Criteria for Entering the Registration Process PDF Download
Registration Pathway Diagram PDF Download
Handbook for Registered Ministers PDF Download
Registration and Ordination Guidelines PDF Download
Study Requirements for QB Pastors PDF Download

All enquirers are strongly encouraged to contact the Director of Pastoral Services to talk about their individual situation and to discuss options for potential registration. After a review of initial criteria, the applicant will be invited into an application process which will include such things as:

  • Initial interviews with the Director of Pastoral Services
  • A Learning Plan
  • A Church Endorsement
  • Application forms (for the Applicant & Spouse)
  • A Compliance Form
  • A Confidential Interview
  • A Psychologist Assessment
  • Proof of a current Blue Card
  • Church Leadership Report
  • Referee Reports
  • Questionnaire on beliefs
  • Medical History Form
  • A final interview with Ministerial Services.

Following registration approval, newly registered pastors enter a period of ministry supervision for 2 years as a Registered Minister – Supervised. Upon successfully completing this program, they will be registered for an initial period of 3 years upon completion of a Personal Ministry Development Plan (PMDP).