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Information for Pastoral Leaders

The Queensland Baptist Assembly has voted to implement a change to the way QB Pastoral Leaders are supported by external support people.  The new requirement for Pastoral Leaders will be to meet with a Pastoral (Professional) Supervisor 4 times a year and an Additional External Support Person 4 times a year.   Each QB Pastoral Leader is free to choose their personal Pastoral Supervisor and Additional External Support Person.   

These new requirements will begin to be implemented in 2023 and pastors will be required to transition to the new system over the next 4 years as per the timetable presented below.   

A QB Pastoral Leader includes: 

  1. Registered Ministers, 
  2. Registered Ministers on Special Services or
  3. Retired Ministers who 

a. are employed in a paid ministry role of more than 0.6 Full Time Equivalent (FTE), and / or

b. have a formal pastoral ministry that includes the provision of pastoral advice, support, counselling or assistance in times of need.

Resources for Pastors 

The following documents provide some of the key information about the transition process: 


Information Sheet – Pastors PDF Download
Pastoral Supervision – What Now? PDF Download
Pastoral Supervision Implementation Plans PDF Download
Process for a Pastor to Transition to Supervision PDF Download

A number of training Videos have been produced that explain more about Pastoral Supervision:


Episode 1 – They Want me to do What? URL View
Episode 2 – Taking the Plunge URL View
Episode 3 – To Infinity and Beyond URL View
Episode 4 – When the Wheels Fall Off URL View

In addition to these, a video has been produced especially for church leadership teams to explain more about Pastoral Supervision.


Pastoral Supervision – Training for Church Leaders URL View

A previously filmed video demonstrating Pastoral supervision may also be of assistance.

Experiencing Professional Supervision URL View

Detailed information about the Policy and its implementation can be found in the documents presented to the Assembly for their decision.

Professional Supervision – A Guide for Queensland Baptists PDF Download
Professional Supervision – Frequently Asked Questions PDF Download
Professional Supervision – Frequently Asked Questions #2 PDF Download
Professional Supervision – a Biblical Reflection PDF Download

Lists of Approved (including recommended) QB Supervisors and Additional External Support People:

Note: Pastors are encouraged to consider a Pastoral Supervisor who has already been approved for supervision of QB Pastoral Leaders but may find an alternative supervisor provided they are willing and able to complete the approval process and attend an induction.  While there are no specific standards or requirements of the Additional External Support Person, we offer the above list of Support people who other QB pastors have used or recommend as a starting point to finding a Support Person who can meet individual, and ministry needs.  Please contact QB Pastoral services if you need help identifying a suitable Pastoral Supervisor or Additional External Support Person

Approved Pastoral Supervisor List PDF Download
Additional External Support Person List PDF Download

Key forms for use by Pastors:

Transition Notification Form (transition to the new system of support before re-registration) PDF Download
Registration Support Change Form (to change either Pastoral Supervisor or Additional External Support Person) PDF Download
Initial Registration Application (new pastor is registering with QB for the first time) PDF Download
Re-Registration Application (existing Pastor needs to be re-registered) PDF Download

Timetable for Transition:

After 1st of March 2023, a transitioning process will happen for a QB Pastoral Leader as per the timetable in the following table.


Trigger point for transition to new Support system
Anticipated Start Date for new System
Newly Registered Ministers The approved registration of a new pastor marked by the:

* Completion of initial registration process (i.e., completion of the Ministry Supervision period for Registered Ministers Supervised),

* approval of a Transfer of credentials, or

* approval of a Reinstatement of Credentials.

From 1st March 2023.
Registered Ministers (including Special Services or Leave of Absence) Expiry of your registration triggering a request to re-register.


Any pastor may choose to swap over to the new system early by contacting Pastoral Services

All re-registrations due after 1st March 2023.

Note: Registered pastors are normally registered for 4 years and so they will be trickled into the new system as their registration comes up for renewal.

Re-registering Ministers will be requested to complete a Re-Registration Application.

Pastoral Leaders who want to transition early can complete a Transition Notification Form.

Retired Ministers Letter sent to retired ministers who are identified as fulfilling the criteria for PS. 1st January 2024.

These Ministers will be requested to advise QB of their Supervisor and additional support person.