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Registration Pathways for Enquirers

There are several pathways that a person can take to seek registration as a Minister with QB.  These are outlined in:

The Handbook for Registered Ministers Array ( [ID] => 321 [id] => 321 [title] => Handbook-for-Registered-Ministers [filename] => Handbook-for-Registered-Ministers.pdf [filesize] => 0 [url] => https://qb.org.au/wp-json/files/download/0153MAMHIT5FILAX4FPNB35LVJ64FEF4KO/b!K_ju5EL5EUmAZuk4hVmt942SDwlpjnNHr0iQpfSfr84K3KXYELcmS42tWPtuV2ph [link] => https://qb.org.au/document/pastors/registration-pathways-for-enquirers/attachment/handbook-for-registered-ministers/ [alt] => [author] => 0 [description] => [caption] => [name] => handbook-for-registered-ministers [status] => inherit [uploaded_to] => 319 [date] => 2023-10-12 11:47:52 [modified] => 2023-10-12 11:51:19 [menu_order] => 0 [mime_type] => application/pdf [type] => application [subtype] => pdf [icon] => https://qb.org.au/wp-includes/images/media/document.png ) PDF Download

The normal pathway for a person seeking to become a credentialed pastor for the first time is explained in the following documents:

Ministry Enquirer Brochure PDF Download
Registration Pathway Diagram PDF Download

For ministers who already hold current credentials with either another Baptist Union or another denomination, there is a possibility that registration can be sought through a transfer of credentials process.  This is explained in the following documents:

Process Guide – Transfer of Credentials PDF Download
Transfer of Credentials from Other Denomination Pathway Diagram PDF Download

All enquirers are strongly encouraged to contact the Director of Pastoral Services to talk about their individual situation and to discuss options for potential registration: registration@qb.org.au or 07 33545600.