1. Pastor

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    Essential qualities

    • Visionary and Strategic Thinker
    • Competent Preacher/Teacher – effective communicator
    • Equipper of people
    • Relates warmly to people both inside and outside the church
    • Devoted to the Bible
    • Prayerful

    Desirable qualities

    • Culturally sensitive
    • Youthful
    • Well-organised
    • Family Orientated / Married
    • Consultative and open to receiving advice
    • Understands and can deal with the dynamics of conflict
    • Pastoral heart

    Ministry skills

    • A pastor who can nurture a church’s spirituality and help a church to connect more deeply with God.
      ­ – A pastor who is passionate about discipleship; grounded in and nourished by God’s Word
      ­ – A pastor who models, teaches and thoroughly engages with disciplined prayer (personal and corporate)
      ­ – A pastor who is less “program orientated” and more concerned with providing space and opportunities for the church and its people to seek God and reflect Jesus Christ

    • A pastor with an ability to help a church to embrace within its life a diversity of ethnic cultures, nationalities and ages.
      ­ – A pastor who can include children with the worship and activities of the church.
      ­ – A pastor who can help to create a climate where people of all generations feel that they belong together and is able to relate pastorally and socially to all ages.
      ­ – A pastor who is culturally sensitive and able to serve a congregation of multiple ethnicities and language.

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