1. Senior Pastor

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    Pingelly Baptist Church is searching for an energetic, Christ centered Pastor who has a calling from God to lift, build & encourage our community in Pingelly & our church congregation which ranges from young families to grandparents.

    Pingelly is based in a farming community and is located155km southeast of Perth. With a population of around1,170, Pingelly has outstanding facilities for a small rural town. A 3×1 (plus office) house will be supplied for the successful applicant.

    To find out more, contact the pastoral search committee:

  2. Senior Pastor

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    Karratha Baptist Church (KBC) is looking for a new Senior Pastor to lead our thriving congregation. The Mission of KBC is to be a vibrant body of Christ growing together in God’s word as we share His love in the Northwest. The successful candidate will be driven by their love for God and others, lead with humility, be of strong character and show love with wisdom.

    KBC is a vibrant, healthy and growing church situated in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Every Sunday, the church is a buzz of energy and worship. The congregation is a diverse, supportive community with many young adults and families in attendance each week.

    Karratha is an amazing place to live and work, with many sporting and community groups, schools, services and infrastructure. The Pilbara region lends itself perfectly to those who love the outdoors, with ample opportunities for camping, boating, hiking and fishing.

    The Senior Pastor is a part of the Church Leadership Team which includes the Church Council (on which the pastor sits) and the Ministry leaders. The Pastor is also responsible for the churches paid staff which includes the Associate Pastor and Office Administrator, as well as the members and wider congregation.

    The position will come with a salary which is in line with the Baptist Churches Western Australia Award Levels and will also include:

    • Housing in Church Manse
    • Utilities Subsidy
    • 5 Weeks Annual Leave
    • Holiday Travel Allowance
    • Professional Development Allowance
    • Time off for Accreditation Study (to be discussed if necessary)
    • Pastors Conference Leave
    • Other type of leave and allowances

    Please see the linked information pack for further details about the role. If you have more questions about the role, please contact the Pastoral Search Team via email –

    If you wish to apply, please prepare:

    1. A Cover Letter
    2. A Curriculum Vitae (with three references)
    3. An address to the Selection Criteria (See information pack)
    4. Baptist Churches Western Australia Pastoral Profile or, in absence of this, a brief overview of your Christian History and philosophy on ministry.


    1. A committed Christian who has been baptised by full immersion as a believer in Christ.
    2. A relevant level of tertiary theological/ministry education.
    3. Accreditation as a Baptist Church Pastor, or a willingness to work towards accreditation with BCWA, commencing within 12 months.
    4. Experience in leadership in a local church or mission.
    5. Acceptance and agreement with the Constitution of KBC.
    6. Willing to work towards achieving the current strategic plan.
    7. Willing, as a family (if applicable) to live in Karratha.

    Click here to read the Job Description

    Information Pack

  3. Senior Pastor

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    The church is currently looking for a (sole, senior) pastor with the qualities listed below to lead, teach and train the church in God’s work in our district.

    If you are interested, have questions or would like to suggest someone who may be interested, please contact us on the email or phone numbers below.

    Desirable Qualities in Pastor
    Absolutes/ Essentials

    1. Someone who humbly lives out his Christian beliefs, with dependence on God (exemplified by strong prayer life) and faith in Him, and who is growing in Christian experience under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
    2. Accepts the DBC Basis of Faith and has theologically balanced views on doctrines with the Gospel at the core thereof, accepts the DBC position and practice re women’s roles.
    3. Biblical preaching making the Word clear and relevant to the daily lives of the DBC members.
    4. Being a shepherd to the congregation, visiting, encouraging, supporting and training church members to develop and use their talents and gifts for the work of the church.
    5. Able to relate cross-culturally to the congregation, using appropriate language and examples.
    6. Able to cope with the district’s affluence while unapologetically maintaining his own standards.
    7. Having a co-operative leadership style, not top-down. Accepting the principle and practice of congregational government.
    8. Supportive of the church’s mission focus and also able to lead and train the church in evangelistic outreach.
    9. Aware of his own strengths and weaknesses and honest and humble enough to seek help where and whenever necessary.
    10. Having a good sense of humour and able to laugh at himself when appropriate.
    11. Willing to understand how DBC has worked in the past and to attempt to introduce change only after consulting and explaining why this will be a good idea. He should be able to lead and galvanise the church with a vision of its future.
    12. We are looking to appoint a pastor initially for 4 days per week, with a view to this position becoming full-time in the future.

    Desirable – to live in the DBC manse, (121 Waratah Ave, Dalkeith, next door to the church building).

    For more information:
    DBC website:
    Contact: Interim Pastor: John Randell 0430 031 540 or
    Secretary: M Ellis 0417 924 401