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The QB Movement’s ministries and services are devoted to God and exist in our communities to ‘Serve Jesus’ – together. We are truly capable of accomplishing far more together than we could as individuals. Furthermore, our QB Services groups are actively engaged in the community overseeing educational facilities, providing a multitude of community care programs, serving in camping and outdoor education services, finance, mission and humanitarian aid, and much much more.

QB Archives

The Baptist Church Archives, Queensland (also known as QB Archives) is the main repository for records of the Baptist denomination in Queensland. Documents in the collection date from about 1860 to the present time.

The collection consists mainly of paper and electronic records of the Baptist Union of Queensland and its many departments and ministries over the years, such as minutes of Assemblies and committees, Yearbooks/Directories, reports, publications, news-magazines (The Queensland Baptist), statistics, plans, correspondence, announcements, etc).

There are also documents from and about churches, people and ministries of many kinds. There is a small library of books of Baptist interest, and many publications by and about Queensland Baptist people. There is a large collection of photographs, transparencies and audio-visuals, and various kinds of ephemera. We also hold the official published histories of the Baptist denomination (1905, 1977, 2005) and many other historical publications.

Local church material

The collection includes histories of many (but not all) of the 200+ churches in the denomination. Many of these are older documents. For current records, contact the churches themselves – especially for information about baptisms and weddings.

We exist to:

  • Foster the care of and interest in current and historical records (paper and electronic) of Baptists in Queensland
  • Manage and expand the existing collection of records
  • Provide access to the records for researchers and assist in the publication of information about the heritage of Baptists in Queensland
  • To expand the extent and scope of the services of the Archives
  • Assist and advise churches and people in archival and historical work
  • Publish items and make accessible information relating to Baptist history in Queensland

We offer

  • Archival services to the Baptist denomination in Queensland
  • Storage, management and access to the records
  • Information regarding Baptist life in Queensland derived from these records
  • Advice on researching and publishing church histories and biographies
  • Guidance on digitising, storage and access of church records
  • Recommendations about managing traditional paper records
  • Presentations to churches and other groups on Baptist heritage and the care of records

We welcome

  • Enquiries about Baptist life in Queensland
  • Visitors to view our collections and facility and seek advice about their records
  • Offers of church records (with official support – conditions apply) and other types of records related to Baptist life in Queensland – contact us with more information
  • Volunteers with skills in information and record handling (paper, digital, photographs) to register their interest in assisting our work

For more information about archiving church records, please access the resources available on the QB website.

The Archives, located at Queensland Baptists’ Centre, are staffed on a voluntary basis and access is by appointment only.

For further information contact on:

Phone: 07 3354 5600
Email: archives@qb.org.au

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Baplink is the treasury and financial services ministry of Queensland Baptists.

We are delighted to serve QB churches, pastors, and ministries affiliated with QB by supporting vision and strengthening stewardship to the glory of God.

Baplink supports vision across the QB Movement by providing:

  • Funding and support for QB churches and ministries affiliated with QB;
  • Personal loans to QB registered ministers;
  • Kingdom Offset Accounts; and
  • Term Investments at competitive rates.

Baplink strengthens stewardship across the QB Movement by providing:

  • Advice and assistance to church treasurers and administrators, including support for Xero accounting software; and
  • Transactional accounts.

Baplink is proud to serve the QB Movement with the highest possible standards of service and understanding.


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Baptist Mission Australia


Baptist Mission Australia partners with Australian Baptists to see growing, vibrant faith communities emerge among least-reached people groups.

Today, Baptist Mission Australia is at a dynamic and exciting stage of its journey in mission with Jesus Christ.

There are three significant areas of ministry:

  • Bringing to birth new believer movements among nine people groups who are some of the least evangelised and often marginalised peoples in the world;
  • Supporting partner church groups formed and strengthened by God through the work of Australian Baptists
  • Engendering a passion for mission among Australian Baptists and helping them become partners in God’s plan for the world.

Contact Details:

Please contact Bob Rogers with any queries:
Email: brogers@globalinterations.org.au
Phone: 0402 852 995

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Baptist World Aid Australia (BWAA)


Baptist World Aid Australia is a Christian aid and development organisation. We partner with Australian Christians to be love and end poverty.


A world where poverty has ended, and all people enjoy the fullness of life God intends.


At Baptist World Aid we work to achieve our vision through two equally important partnerships

We partner with like-minded agencies overseas to empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty, challenge injustice and build resilience.

We partner with Christians and churches in Australia, particularly those from the Baptist movement, in generous giving, ethical consumption, courageous advocacy and faithful prayer in order to achieve justice for people living in poverty.


Our work is shaped by our reading of Christian Scriptures and by current development theory.

Contact Details:

Please contact John Mansfield with any queries:

John Mansfield: QLD Relationship Manger
Email: john.mansfield@baptistworldaid.org.au
Mobile: 0416 091 235

General BWAA Contact Details – Sydney Office
Phone: 1300 789 991

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About Carinity

Carinity exists to walk alongside, support, and provide care for vulnerable people of all ages when they need it most.

As a not-for-profit, Christian based care organisation, they strive to help individuals and families reach their full potential and live enriched lives. Carinity achieves this by building communities where people feel at home and secure – a place where customers are valued, included, where their voice is heard, and they are respected.

Derived from the words “care” and “affinity”, the name represents the organisation’s purpose – always striving to create experiences where customers feel a sense of belonging.

From humble beginnings over 70 years ago, when Baptist Churches across the state fundraised more the 3,500 pounds to establish a Christian Home for Aged People, Carinity has grown to be a multi-faceted provider of care that assists almost 7,000 people every year. Their dedicated team of almost 1,500 staff work tirelessly to improve peoples’ lives in 24 locations across Queensland – stretching from the Gold Coast in the south to Townsville in the north.

While Carinity is best known for their traditional services relating to residential aged care and retirement living, their outreach services have expanded to include schools for students who have experienced difficulties in mainstream educational environments; provision of disability support to people of all ages; counselling for women and children impacted by domestic violence; accommodation for youths who are at risk of homelessness; and chaplaincy services in schools, hospitals, aged care communities and prisons.

Carinity’s Mission
Driven by our Christian values, we provide high quality care and services, making a real difference to people in need.

Carinity’s Vision
Creating communities where people are loved, accepted and supported to reach their full potential.

Carinity’s Guiding Purpose
Following the example of Jesus Christ, we exist to reflect God’s love to people in need.

Carinity’s Values
Carinity’s Christian values underpin their organisational values of:

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Team Work
  • Engaging Positively

Carinity services

Residential Aged Care
Carinity offers residential aged care communities across the state of Qld.

Home Care
Carinity offer Home Care and Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) services.

Carinity schools provide a supportive learning environment for students who have not found success in mainstream schooling.

Retirement Villages
Safe and secure independent living communities for people 65 years and older.

Youth, Disability and Communities
A variety of counselling services to help issues such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, bullying, domestic violence, self-harm, and trauma.

Each year Carinity’s paid and volunteer chaplains support thousands of people in hospitals, correctional centres, aged care communities and schools.

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Malyon Education and Training


Malyon provides accredited theological education and trains people in practical ministry and leadership through Higher Education (Malyon Theological College) and Vocational Education and Training (Malyon Vocational Training). Malyon College has been training and preparing the next generations of church pastors, leaders, and missionaries since 1904.

For more information on Malyon Theological College:

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For more information on Malyon Vocational Training:

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Mission to Queensland (MTQ)


The role of Mission to Qld (MTQ) is to assist Queensland Baptist churches start new communities of faith that are effective in sharing Jesus with unreached people in Queensland.

Through the ministry and work of sponsor churches and church planters, MTQ church plants are growing in many places!

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Queensland Baptists Christian Education Services

Who are we?

Queensland Baptists Christian Education Services (QBCES) is a charter group established by the board of Queensland Baptists (QB) in 2022 to assist the board in supporting QB controlled educational enterprises (schools and early learning centres).

QBCES works alongside QB schools, early learning centres, churches and the wider QB network to effectively mission via Christian education. QBCES believes that effective governance, supported leaders and strong connections between stakeholders are necessary to enable educational enterprises to flourish and be a blessing to the communities that they serve.

What we do?

QBCES supports Queensland Baptist educational enterprises by:

  • Providing advice and support for directors and boards.
  • Consulting on governance and management matters as requested by directors, boards, or education leaders (principals, heads of school etc.).
  • Assisting with the development and maintenance of a Christian priority.
  • Facilitating collaboration between educational enterprises and within the QB movement.

QBCES supports Queensland Baptists by:

  • Advising the QB board on suitable candidates for appointment as directors of Boards.
  • Networking with Baptist educational enterprises who are not members of QBCES.
  • Assisting with the establishment of new schools.

Who are our member schools?

Our member schools and early learning centres are separately incorporated entities with their own Board of Directors. These educational enterprises are members of QBCES and QB is the sole-member of these educational enterprises.

QBCES welcomes education groups controlled by a QB member church (or others as approved by the QB Board) to become associate members of our charter group.

Vision statement:

Our vision is that Queensland Baptist’s educational enterprises are flourishing centres of Christian education, care, and witness, where God’s Kingdom grows and lives are changed for the better.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to work with the QB Board and QB education enterprises to deliver Christian education, promote good governance, and grow connections between stakeholders.

Contact Details:

For QBCES enquiries, please use the following contact form

Links to related school websites

QB Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Ministries

We are church congregations who love the Lord who loved us first. We read His word, and obey His commands. As Baptist churches, we have a mission to reach others with the Gospel, especially those who have come to us and are still coming from all over the world.

Immigrants who have arrived as refugees, seeking a safer place to live, away from wars and persecution, or who are seeking a better life and a brighter future, or are uniting with other family members – many of them are introduced to us every week. They come from various countries and speak different languages.

As Baptist churches, we open our doors and hearts for them and try to help them in every way possible – socially, psychologically and spiritually. We minister to them, especially those who come from non-Christian backgrounds.

We are also doing our best to help them join the local Baptist churches. But those who cannot speak English well enough or cannot easily blend with a new culture that differs to that where they were what brought up in, find it a bit difficult. So, we recognise and respect their needs and help them establish their own churches, where they can worship in their own languages and use their talents and abilities, by which they can serve the Lord among their own communities.

Teach English as a Second Language (TESOL):

Contact Details

  • Centenary – TESOL Class (Grace Wong) – 07 3279 0031
  • Riverlife Baptist Church (Pastor Thong Ng) – 07 3378 3595
  • Salisbury Baptist – TESOL Class (Don Johnson) – 07 3277 2944
  • Taringa Baptist – TESOL Class (Mrs Chris Neale) – 07 3379 7806

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QB Kids and Families

The QB Kids & Families team exists to resource, equip, empower and support Queensland Baptist churches in their ministry to children and their families. Make sure you head to the QB Kids & Families webpage, there you will discover resources that empower your family and disciple your kids.

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QB Youth and Young Adults


QB Youth & Young Adults aims to assist local youth leaders in realising their God-given vision for their church’s youth ministry. We are a team dedicated to the ministry and vision of QB Youth and Young Adults. We look forward to hearing from you.

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QB Women

QB Women is a fast growing ministry area for Queensland Baptists.

Women from around our state, and further afield, are blessed by the annual conferences which commenced in 2010.


Please direct enquiries to:
Cathy Knechtli (State Director Queensland Baptist Women)
Email: director@anewconference.org.au
Call: 07 3354 5600

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Queensland Conference and Camping Centres

Queensland Baptists has pursued ministry through Christian Camping since 1927, starting with a craft retreat for women and following it up with steamboat expeditions on Moreton Bay.  A large donation of land and finances for camping ministry by Kenneth Lethem allowed the establishment of a campsite at Currumbin in the 1930s, and its subsequent sale was used to establish multiple campsites around the State.  Over the last 90 years Queensland Baptists camping venues have hosted hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders and seen many lives changed, and souls won for Christ.

Established in 2000 through the consolidation of Queensland Baptists’ viable camping facilities, Queensland Conference and Camping Centres (QCCC) has become one of Queensland’s leading providers of Outdoor Education, experiential education, leadership retreats, expeditions and conference facilities, winning the QORF Award for excellence in Outdoor Education in 2013, outstanding individual in 2017, and workplace development in 2023.

If you’re looking for excellence with your next camping or Outdoor Education program, QCCC offer four venues on the Gold Coast Hinterland (Mount Tamborine), Sunshine Coast Hinterland (Mapleton) Brisbane’s inner west (Brookfield), and Noosa Outdoor Education Centre (Noosa Bush Campus).

Whether you are planning a major conference, retreat or are looking for a complete sequential program Queensland Baptists has the campsites throughout South East Queensland and programs to suit your needs.

Contact Details:

Andrew Grant: Director of QCCC
Phone: 07 5456 3600

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