Celebrating Community Impact

In our ever-changing world, the unexpected stories of community impact often echo the profound workings of God and demonstrate God’s heart for people. Today, we celebrate the inspiring journey of Beenleigh Baptist Church and the remarkable ways God is working through them to bring hope and love to their community. Beenleigh Baptist is a vibrant hub of authentic relationships and missional endeavours…

Stories from Beenleigh Baptist Church in 2023

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Building Missional Communities

Beenleigh Baptist’s commitment to mission is clear in its vision: “to build missional communities where encounters with God’s love lead to transformation”. The church’s focus on authentic relationships has birthed ministries like Restore Church—a beacon of hope for ex-offenders seeking new beginnings. Through these gatherings and honest conversations, lives are being touched, and faith is taking root.

Embracing Life Together

The Beenleigh Baptist community are intentional about approaching life outside the pews. An example of this is how some of the team embrace opportunities for building into community through involvement in the local orchestra. Such connections into the community see opportunities for organic and meaningful conversations over coffee and food that open doors to genuine connections and faith discussions.

Serving Families

Beenleigh Baptist’s intentional outreach and care for youth and families has seen a great impact. By consolidating various ministries under one roof, like Boys and Girls Brigade and the Impact Youth group, Beenleigh Baptist has created a vibrant Friday night hub. This safe space fosters authentic community, mentorship, and growth.

Serving Community

Beenleigh Baptist’s commitment to community is further embodied in their newly developed hub—a place bustling with life seven days a week. From hosting a Ukrainian church to youth groups and outreach programs, this hub is a testament to Beenleigh Baptist’s dedication to building relationships and extending Christ’s love. Through developing authentic relationships, Beenleigh Baptist are breaking barriers and fostering a community where faith is not just talked about but lived out. To learn more, visit

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