40 Years of Baptist Camping – QCCC Mapleton

40 Years of Baptist Camping – QCCC Mapleton

On the 16th of April 1983 on what looked like a typical Autumn Day full of sunshine, an estimated 1,500 people gathered for the official opening ceremony of the “Mapleton Holiday Centre”, now known as QCCC Mapleton. At the stroke of noon, Queensland Senator Flo Bjelke-Peterson unveiled the official opening plaque. Lady Flo had driven all the way from Kingaroy in her trusty Holden Kingswood loaded with her world-famous pumpkin scones.

Fast forward 40 years, and this week QCCC Mapleton celebrates 40 years of hospitality and service. And what better way to celebrate with a camp! On Sunday 16th April 2023, QCCC Mapleton was privileged to celebrate 40 years by hosting 300 campers on Gateway Baptist Church’s annual youth camp, along with a few special guest visitors from QB Services and the wider QB Movement.

QCCC Mapleton has so much to celebrate from 40 years of operation. While described as the “Mapleton Holiday Centre” its first camps were State Schools, and over the space of the last four decades, it has become a leader in the provision of outdoor education programs and school camps. Balancing that with being a location to camp and stay for a weekend, or over the treasured Family Summer Program, it remains a gospel-hearted ministry that serves and loves the local Sunshine Coast Hinterland community. From beginnings as a place where fun & family focused facilities were built, to a place that has a heart for true hospitality, the mission of God, conservation of local lands, First Nations Reconciliation, and where true Christian service and hospitality is delivered to thousands of people annually who may never attend church.

QCCC’s Director, Andrew Grant, described the bold vision of the site’s founders, and the importance of the new generation of leaders and staff to be future custodians of QCCC Mapleton. “There was a boldness to the vision for QCCC Mapleton that is yet to be fully realised. The site was built with foresight, which gives us today an incredible legacy to build upon. It is our responsibility to build a future for the next generation of work, witness, and ministry, and central to that continues to be the sacrificial and beguiling example of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.” The Director of QB Services, Stewart Pieper, was on hand to lead in a time of prayer for the re-dedication of the site.

Happy 40th Birthday QCCC Mapleton. As a Movement, we thank God for the work of your hands and pray that God will continue to bless and use the Mapleton Holiday Centre to bless the next generation over the next 40 years.