A Heart for Church Planting

A Heart for Church Planting

Across our movement, we have seen God do amazing things through the work of churches with a heart for church planting. Growing churches that have faithfully gone out to breathe new life into smaller churches that desire a fresh start. Here is a heartwarming story of New Heart Baptist Church’s Balmoral Campus and its revitalisation.

A Story of Revitalisation and Multiplication

New Heart Baptist Church Balmoral is a story that started with prayer, and a church plant pioneer team from the congregation of New Heart Baptist Church Rochdale. With a long-standing vision to start new churches, an opportunity emerged for New Heart Baptist Church to revitalize an older church, Carey Baptist in Bulimba. By God’s grace, in 2013, New Heart Baptist Rochedale took the leap of faith and began a transformative journey.

How the  Journey Began

The pioneer team of twelve people from New Heart Baptist Rochdale began relationship building in the local community and working towards creating a welcoming environment. The catalyst for the emergence of a new community at New Heart Balmoral was a young local mum with a heart for reaching people for God. Her request for a place to connect with friends and other mums sparked the vision into action. As time moved forward, community relationships blossomed, and the initial church plant pioneers were replaced by locals and new Christians from the community.

The renovation of the building housing New Heart Baptist Church Balmoral, was a labor of love—a testament to the church’s commitment to creating spaces that facilitate relationships. New Heart Balmoral had a vision to renovate the Balmoral buildings (that date back to the 1960’s and earlier) into a multipurpose space that included a cafe. A café that would become a bridge between the church and the community, rather than a mere extension of the church. In July 2023, New Heart Baptist Church Balmoral celebrated the grand opening of its “These Three Things Cafe”, the next step in the journey of connecting with the community. Pastor Paul Butler emphasizes that the café isn’t just a building; it’s a tool for connecting, sharing, and inviting. It serves as a segue, inviting people to take a step further in their spiritual journey, all while enjoying good coffee and meaningful conversations.

The Future

Beyond its role as a gathering place, the café serves a broader purpose in New Heart’s vision. It stands as a potential funding model for future church planting, as well as a community hub offering various services, from playgroups to parenting courses. The hope is to reproduce this model in urban areas, transforming towns and becoming a positive force in many different communities. Whilst New Heart Baptist Church continues on its journey serving the Bulimba community, let us give glory to God for this wonder story of the transformative power of faith and discipleship in action. Check out New Heart Baptist Church at newheartbaptist.com.