QB Movement Exceeds 200 Alpha Courses in 2023

QB Movement Exceeds 200 Alpha Courses in 2023

Amidst the bustling activities of our movement, the year 2023 has ushered in a renewed focus on the paramount importance of Effective Mission. Our movement has joined together this year in prayer for a bountiful harvest of souls across the state of Queensland.

To this end, churches and QB services have been spurred on to mobilise and train teams dedicated to facilitating Alpha Courses. These courses have provided a unique avenue for church communities to invite people to explore the tenets of faith in Jesus and to discuss their deepest queries about life and faith.

Ryan Vallee, an Alpha Australia representative, has reported that the number of Alpha courses offered during the current calendar year of 2023 has surpassed 200. This remarkable figure was in part propelled in the third term of 2023 by the focus on the promotion of Alpha by QB Churches.

Numerous QB pastors have shared heartwarming accounts of congregants extending invitations to friends, family, and colleagues, resulting in an overwhelming response of individuals seeking to deepen their faith in Christ. QB pastors have reported encouraging stories of souls being saved and baptisms taking place in churches that had not witnessed such occurrences in years. Please continue to pray, for we are convinced that God is on the move. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from Alpha.

To God be the glory!